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Miss Ethiopia Event plc owner of Miss Ethiopia is organizing the 2017 edition in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This annual beauty pageant is competing targeted young females between the ages of 18–24 from all region of Ethiopia.


The Personal Interview, Talent portion, Lifestyle & Fitness, Evening Gown and Onstage Question counts of the contestant's total score. The contestant with the top score will reign as Miss Ethiopia for one year supporting community works and also compete in international beauty pageant representing her country.

We therefore, kindly request you to support this hallmark national event with high profile audiences that will be held at the Intercontinental Addis Hotel March 8, 2017.


The role of Ethiopian women in society

According to the latest statistical figures, women constitute 51% of the population of Ethiopia. However, like their fellow sisters in other developing countries, and more particularly like those women of Sub-Sahara Africa, Ethiopian women have been subjected to gender based discrimination for centuries. They were excluded from participating in mainstream political, social and economic decision-making activities of the country. As women were put in disadvantaged positions in all spheres of life, they became almost invisible despite their contributions.


Indeed, historically, there have been a small number of women who were figureheads as well as some who were effective political leaders throughout the history of Ethiopia. The Queen of Sheba of pre-Christian era, Empress Menen of Gonder, W/ro Workit of Wollo and Etege Taitu, Wife of Emperor Menelik, all played an outstanding role in the political life of the nation. However, their participation in the political decision-making of their times does not indicate societal acceptance of women's leadership as equal with that of men.


The majority of women in Ethiopia have been deprived of many rights enjoyed by men. The Queen of Sheba's alleged act of relinquishing her throne to her son Menelik "willingly" as quoted in the Kebre Negest (the Glory of Kings) and her subsequent decision to make only men eligible to assume political leadership can be cited as a good example of the role that women were supposed to play in society.


Aspire of a Beauty Pageant

Miss Ethiopia beauty pageant is a great way for young women to develop themselves for the future. Some people look down on pageants, citing their belief that they are degrading to women, and objectify women. But, that notion is far from the truth. Many young women who compete in pageants do so to be a role model for other young ladies and many pageant winners do numerous community activities and conduct numerous speaking engagements throughout their reign. It is also a celebration for all that we stand for, promoting the richness of our heritage in showcasing costumes, jewelries and performing arts to an international audience, and also using it as a vehicle to promote tourism and economical development.


A Beauty queen contribution for the community

Miss Ethiopia beauty pageant will provide opportunities for the winners to represent their communities pursue their careers and conduct community service goals. It will also provide opportunities during their reign to enhance their career aspiration as well as providing sponsors with economic and other objective prospects.

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